Who said the neckline must be at the front?
You will love this sweater for its softness and ease,
with which it will transform you into sexy.

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Shirt dress with pockets

Thanks to it you can emphasize your strengths without any effort.
Great for a date and a bike.

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Like an ordinary shirt ...

The most fashionable, reptile print adds her claw.
Note: it does the whole stylization!

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No dress and no pants?

No wonder women love overalls.
They combine femininity and comfort. 

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A recipe for a romantic look?

Reach for frills and you will feel mega feminine.
This season, frivolous details do not have age.

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A pinch of exotic

Instead of longing for holidays, treat them every day.
For example, in the form of a patterned dress.

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A long, elegant waistcoat

It will perfectly replace the jacket and coat.
It will add dimmension to each stylization.
Pure magic!

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