Lanti is a Polish fashion brand.

It stands for comfortable cuts, straight lines and consistent color, just as we call it - beautiful comfort.

Proposition for creative, unusual women, who seek for harmony in every area of life.

Urban character of our dresses, jumpers and cardigans makes it perfect choice to the office, behind the wheel, as well as a walk through the city.

In style, up to date and comfortably.

Lanti's philosophy


We have a serious approach to trends in Lanti. Just so you do not have to. Here, it is we who works hard, spend hours in the design studio and then in sewing, so you could just wear fashionable and comfortable clothes that will accompany you for many seasons. Without tracking trends, without picking, without all the bustle. Simply put - just the way you like.


We spend the most time in the design studio working on the form of our clothes. Hours of sketching, correction, consultations end in the creation of a prototype. Every thing is personally tested by us before introduction to a collection. We make sure that it meets the requirements of life on a really high speed, divided between office, car, house, kindergarten and a weekend getaway. The same as ours.


Synthetics some time ago ceased to be synonymous of poor quality and sweat. The market is full of mixtures of the highest quality, which appearance and fantastic properties remain for long. We reach for them, so you do not have to worry that after two washes your clothes will loose shape and will not have anything to do with elegance.


We are extremely proud of finishing of our products, which is highly prized by our customers. In Lanti we believe, that it is not only important what you see at a first glance, what matters is the inside. It is such details as the perfect edging or trimming that make exceptional things stand out from the ordinary. To feel the luxury you do not have to expose expensive labels - it is enough to feel the quality on your own body.


We have counted, that every item passes through the hands of twelve people before hits you. From the designer, through seamstress, to the photographic and graphic studio to finally hit the store, and then to shipping. We make sure that each of these twelve people feels an important part of the puzzle. As a result, our work is accompanied by a unique atmosphere. And you can be sure, that buying things with Lanti tag, you support indigenous entrepreneurs, artists and craftsmen.


Lanti's name is inspired by the word "ribelanti" in Esperanto meaning rebel, a woman breaking schemes. From the beginning we felt this was our client - an independent, not giving up to stereotypes, looking on fashion and life from a distance.