e-Gift Card - PDF

Looking for the best gift idea? We have one that suits any occassion! Give love, give grattitude, give admiration. Give Lanti!

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Our voucher is an excellent gift - thanks to it, the recipient can choose the specific thing that will be most useful to them. Without un-matching colors or the wrong size. Such a gift is not only joy, but something specific that stays longer than a bouquet of flowers or a bottle of perfume.

How to give our e-Card?

In our online store, select the value of the voucher and make a purchase. Pay in a convenient way. Our employee will generate a rebate voucher on the value selected by you, on the next business day after receiving the payment, and will send it to the e-mail address provided in the order. Then you can print the voucher, put it in a decorative envelope or frame and give it in person or (eco option) - send the voucher by e-mail.

How the e-Card looks like?

Our Gift Voucher has the form of an elegant PDF file - opens easily on almost any device - computer, tablet, laptop. Includes voucher code, value and expiry date.

What is expiration time?

Our vouchers are valid for six months from the date they were generated.

How the recipient can use the Voucher?

All you need to do is enter the unique code into the "Discount Code" field when placing the order.

More questions?

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